Monday, April 1, 2013

New School - Day 1

It's April Fool's Day today... Also my first day in that new school...
Well, I'm an absolute joker so doing BIG stuffs on this memorable day is my 'thang'.
No one tricked me yet. (This is lucky or what??! Not so fun though...)

Being in a new school environment, new teachers, new friends, new EVERYTHING was really a drastic change for a dramatic person like me.

New bagdges.
The school is kinda crowded and small. (I'm gonna die out of extreme CLAUSTROPHOBIA!!) 
Well, can't really blame them and this was expected long ago since I first heard of this school.


The teachers were quite okay though, except the fact that my class teacher is my History teacher and that she's EXTREMELY a serious person.
From a scale of 1 to 10, I rate her 11 of seriousness for my first impression. It might decrease, it might increase.
I thought I could give a good impression on the teachers, but someone literally blew it up. (Thanks, I'm an absolute BAD ASS now)

My classmates are quite welcoming, hope to know more of them better.
I'm not so sure of their attitude yet, though one of my friend in that class has a rival in that very class too... (I don't do wars. PEACE)
They've stalked me for quite a while though, before I even stepped into the school.
From what I remembered, I only told two people about my migration. Since then everyone I know knows about it. (Word spreads.)

I know most of the students there because most of them are my church members.
Really did feel welcomed by them. :)
And the REASON WHY I'M SHIFTING is because of the CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP there is strong. Oh and Happy Belated Easter!!
Though it's not really a strong reason why I shifted but that's what it is, fellas.
I missed out on the daily prayer in school with the CF members though.
My name's Cinderella and I was late. (Metaphorically speaking.)

But above all these things, I still miss my classmates from my old school. :')
Now tell me, who's gonna fool you guys on this foolish day?

And maybe sometime when I stare at this picture I caught, I'll think that you guys would still accept me with outstretched arms, whenever. 

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