Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Great Unexpectations

OK! From my previous post, I said that I would celebrate a SOLEMN birthday rite?

In fact, I guess everybody's 16th birthdays are SWEET!!
No matter what!! :D
#YOSO You're only 16 once!

This morning I woke up with a MOTTO on my mind.
"I have friends that can make my bitter 16 sweet..."

That was how it all went this morning...
But as soon I stepped into the school hall, a few classmates asked me whether it was my birthday today.
I said yes and they wished.
Nothing MUCH, nothing SPECIAL.

Went into class, sat at the CORNER and just stare into space. (Didn't have much close friends to get all hyped about today)

When one of my classmate came in, they started singing a BIRTHDAY SONG for me!!
Now, I know I'm always the one who STARTS singing a birthday song for my classmates but this was different... Well, OBVIOUSLY it is.
You see, I'm in a NEW school so everything was new. I now feel the LOVE I've been giving out to my old friends :D
They even gave me 3 TOBLERONE chocolates!! Awww! Thanks, but I already have too much chocolate!! You guys are TOO KIND la weii!!

A little while later, another classmate of mine gave me a BIRTHDAY CARD!

The ODD thing is that I absolutely think that they do not know my birthday at all and they still manage to give me more than something!
I know how MESSY I get when I rush to prepare a gift for someone.
Her card even came with BOOGLE EYES!! O.O

When we were waiting for school to end, my so called close ACQUAINTANCE, passed me a notebook.
And in it are little CUTE birthday wishes from more than half of the class!!
On EVERY page!! It was also a last minute thing!!


When I came home, I found two cards on my desk.
One is a really, typical, expansive looking card and another one is a weak attempt card... (Must be my dad's.)

My mom's special lullaby from long time ago written in it :)
ALTHOUGH it was a lame, cheap paper card...
There were a few 'hints' I missed and after dad showed me the clue...

This was what happened...
The first letter which I overlooked a clue at the far end of the page and also my dad's loyal, first NOKIA.

Which then led me to the second letter in the dressing table's drawer... Another lame message with another clue at the bottom.

And then this was in the wardrobe cupboard and a few fake 'treasures'... The black and white NOKIA was my first phone!!

Deep, deep, deep under all my grandma's lingerie... This was found!

So yeahh...
Not too bad after all, right??

We later went to Fullhouse to eat dinner!!
I skipped tuition! hehehehe!! ^^

- Can't load the photos into my computer but I'll update soon!! -
Recently, my junior uploaded a photo on Instagram and mentioned me!! Aww, how sweet of her!! :D

And another junior pranked me at this hour... (11:56pm)
That was pretty much how I summed up my day.
I didn't mention about the explosion in the science lab which later the whole class sang another happy birthday song.

Well, thanks guys! For making today sweet!! Gawshh!! Never thought I would end up this happy today.

From today and till the next year, I AM 16.
#YOSO You're only 16 once!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My not so joyous 16th birthday countdown.

Holla! It's 11:36pm now and I'm just less than 30 MINUTES till 19th of June.
Usually someone would get all HYPED about it, TWEET it, POST it and just tell the whole world that it is your birthday.
For me, I'm not even hyped nor neutral.
I'm actually SAD.

No, it's not because of the guy from my 
I'm probably one of the many person who didn't celebrate his/her SWEET 16.

My dad, my Uncle and I share the same birthday :)
Jane braided my hair! :D
It's just that everyone is not in the MOOD.
I guess it's because my cousin passed on...
Really miss her alot. :(

Yes, they're twins
2 years ago, our birthdays fell on FATHER'S DAY!
This was what happened...

She really liked Korean stuffs!!
We ate here...
We were happy. :')