Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My not so joyous 16th birthday countdown.

Holla! It's 11:36pm now and I'm just less than 30 MINUTES till 19th of June.
Usually someone would get all HYPED about it, TWEET it, POST it and just tell the whole world that it is your birthday.
For me, I'm not even hyped nor neutral.
I'm actually SAD.

No, it's not because of the guy from my 
I'm probably one of the many person who didn't celebrate his/her SWEET 16.

My dad, my Uncle and I share the same birthday :)
Jane braided my hair! :D
It's just that everyone is not in the MOOD.
I guess it's because my cousin passed on...
Really miss her alot. :(

Yes, they're twins
2 years ago, our birthdays fell on FATHER'S DAY!
This was what happened...

She really liked Korean stuffs!!
We ate here...
We were happy. :')

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